We connect the future, through the present, with the past. Since 1948, the North Olympic History Center, formerly the Clallam County Historical Society, has been dedicated to keeping the history of the North Olympic Peninsula alive. The NOHC manages a research library, an artifact collection, and an education program.

NOHC Releases RFP for Repurposing Lincoln School

After long and careful consideration, the Board of Directors of the North Olympic History Center is releasing a Request For Proposals (RFP) for repurposing Lincoln School and the north part of the campus. pdfThe full RFP can be found here.

The release of this RFP is the culmination of the Strategic Planning process begun in 2017. Following are relevant parts of the Strategic Plan:

Goal #4 of the NOHC Strategic Plan: “DEVELOP A FINAL PLAN FOR THE LINCOLN SCHOOL. Identify the highest use of the building and cooperators in achieving that goal.”

Strategy 4A: “Working with advisors, consultants and other specialists, develop an implementation plan for the ultimate use of the Lincoln School.”

The full NOHC Strategic Plan can be found here.

Following are parts of the RFP stating our organizational objectives:

Encouraged Outcomes

  • · Preservation of the iconic building or the façade of the school that faces north.
  • · Any new construction on the property to reflect or complement the architectural design of Lincoln School.
  • · Purchase by a nonprofit organization that provides social, health, housing or other community support services whose mission is compatible with the NOHC.
  • · An organization that will renovate, maintain and operate the Lincoln School building and/or the north portion of the campus.
  • · A cooperative use agreement with the purchaser for the NOHC to access space in the renovated Lincoln School or replacement building(s). 

Required Terms

The objective of this RFP is to find a new owner or partner that will renovate or demolish the Lincoln School for a use that does not conflict with the mission of the NOHC. The NOHC does not have the financial resources or capacity to undertake the Lincoln School project.

The research library and artifact storage facility are not part of this sale.

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