Board and Staff


Executive Director: David Brownell

2022 Board of Directors

  • Bill Brigden, President
  • Patrick Noonan, Vice President
  • Larry Lang, Secretary
  • John McNutt, Treasurer
  • Laurie Davies, Director
  • Paul Gleeson, Director
  • Rudy Hiener, Director
  • Jonathan Arakawa, Director
  • Wendy Sampson, Director
  • Shelly Leavens, Director


  • Dona Cloud, Research Librarian
  • Peggy Norris, Research Librarian Assistant
  • Maxine Miller, Photo Archivist
  • Janice Noonan, Photo Archivist Assistant
  • Eve Datisman, Library Cataloger
  • Vera Taylor, Researcher
  • Kathy McClintock, Registrar
  • Susan Bertholl, Family Researcher
  • Pam Todd, Vintage Sale Coordinator
  • Jim Meyer, Maintenance Lead
  • Steve Hargis, Maintenance Lead
  • Mury Miller, Maintenance Assistant

Strategic Plan and Bylaws

Our organization operates under the guidelines of our Strategic Plan and Bylaws. At the Board meeting on June 14, 2021, updates of both of these documents were approved. You can view or download them at the following links: